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Introduction To Nutgrass Flatsedge Rhizome (xiang fu)  









Nutgrass Flatsedge Rhizome (xiang fu)

Rhizoma Cyperi


Properties: The herb is pungent, sweet and slightly bitter in flavour, and neutral in nature. It acts on the liver channel. Being pungent for dispersing, bitter for purging, sweet for mild action, and mainly acting on the liver channel to promote Qi circulation, the herb can sooth the liver and regulate the liver-Qi. Blood circulation follows Qi circulation, and the coordination between Qi and blood can make menstruation self-regulated. Therefore, it is an important herb for soothing the liver and regulating menstruation.

Effects: Soothing the liver, promoting circulation of Qi, regulating menstruation and alleviating pain.


1. The herb is often used in combination with bupleurum root, nearly mature bitter orange and other herbs for soothing the liver and regulating the flow of Qi, such as Chaihu Shugan Powder, to treat distention, fullness and pain in the chest and hypochondrium caused by stagnation of the liver-Qi; and with Chinese angelica root, chuanxiong rhizome, bupleurum root and other herbs for promoting Qi and blood circulation, regulating menstruation and alleviating pain, to treat stagnation of the liver-Qi, irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

2. The herb is often used in combination with evodia fruit, common fennel fruit, lindera root and other herbs for promoting Qi circulation, dispersing cold and alleviating pain, to treat accumulation of cold in liver channel, gastro-intestinal colic due to invasion of cold and abdominal pain; and with galangal rhizome for warming the middle jiao, dispersing cold, promoting Qi circulation and alleviating pain, such as Liangfu Pill, to treat Qi stagnation due to cold and distending pain of the stomach.

Dosage and Administration: 6-10g.


For the convenience of customers, we offer the Nutgrass Flatsedge Rhizome (xiang fu) as the  quick-dissolving granule made through modern technology.




Every sachet is equivalent to raw herb 10 grams.


The dosage is for adults, one sachet each time, twice a day. Please put the granule into a cup, then put 50-100ml boiling water into the cup and stir it with spoon. You will get some tea, drink it when it is luke-warm. For children, the dosage should be reduced according to the weight.


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