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 Introduction To Medicated Leaven (shen qu) 









Medicated Leaven (shen qu)  

Massa Fermentata Medicinalis


Properties: The drug is pungent and sweet in flavour,  and warm in nature. It acts on the spleen and stomach channels. Being pungent for dispersion and promoting Qi circulation, sweet and warm for regulating the stomach, the drug can relieve retention, promote Qi circulation, strengthen the spleen and normalize stomach function. It is indicated for food retention and poor appetite.

Effects: Relieving food retention and regulating the stomach.


The drug is often used in combination with hawthorn fruit, germinated barley, areca seed and other herbs for relieving food stagnation, to treat food retention, indigestion, poor appetite, and distention and fullness in the stomach and abdome; and with dangshen, white atractylodes rhizome, Chinese yam, chicken's gizzard-skin and other drugs for strengthening the spleen and inducing appetite, to treat weakness of the spleen and stomach, anorexia and loose stool.

In addition, whenever it is difficult for patients to digest and absorb mineral drugs contained in pills, the charred pill of leaven is often used to help digestion and sbsorption of mineral drugs.

Dosage and Administration: 6-12g.

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