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Introduction To Dried Rehmannia Root (sheng di huang)









Dried Rehmannia Root (sheng di huang)

Radix Rehmanniae


Properties: Sweet and bitter in flavour, cold in nature, it acts on the heart, liver and kidney channels. The bitter and cold properties clear heat, and the sweet and cold, nourish Yin. The effects of clearing heat and cooling the blood of this herb is inferior to that of rhinoceros horn. However, this herb possesses the moisture quality and is plentiful of fluid, it is therefore good at nourishing Yin. It is usually indicated for the syndeomes of excessive heat in the blood division, fever due to deficiency of Yin, impairment of body fluid generation and Yin-deficiency in all channels.

Effects: Clearing away heat, cooling the blood, nourishing Yin and promoting the production of body fluid.


1. for the epidemic febrile diseases with pathogenic heat in the ying and blood division manifested as high frever and delirium, deep red tongue, dry  mouth, indistinct eruptions, it is often used in combination with the drugs for removing heat from the blood and detoxicating, such as rhinoceros horn, scrophularia root. In cases of bleeding due to pathogenic heat invasion to the blood, such as hematemesis and epitaxis, it is used in combination with rhinoceros horn and red peony root to remove heat from the blood and stop bleeding.

2. For fever and hectic fever due to yin deficiency, febrile diseases in the later stage with lingering low-grade fever, it is often used in combination with the drugs for nourishing yin and abating the fever of deficiency type, such as sweet wormwood and anemarrhena rhizome.

3.  For deficiency of body fluid, thirst diabetes due to interior heat, constipation due to dry bowel, it is used in combination with the yin-nourishing and fluid-generating drugs, such as ophiopogon root, scrophularia root and anemmarrhena rhizome.

Dosage and Administration: 10-30g. Double the dosage when use the fresh herb.

Precautions: It should not be used in cases of spleen-deficiency with excessive dampness.

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