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Introduction To Pumpkin Seed (nan gua zi) 









Pumpkin Seed (nan gua zi)  

Semen Cucurbitae


Properties: The herb is sweet in flavour, warm in nature, acts on the stomach and large intestine channels. It is mainly used to expel tapeworms. However, Only using pumpkin seed in combination with areca seed, can the tapeworms be completely expelled. In addition, pumpkin seed also has the effect of expelling schistosome.

Effects: Mainly expelling tapeworms.


To expel tapeworms, pumpkin seed is often used in combination with areca seed for strengthening the curative effect. The usage is as follows; 60-120g of unhusked pumpkin seeds are ground into powder and mixed with cold boiled-water for oral medication; two hours later, 60-120g of areca seeds are decocted and taken; and half an hour later, 15g of corydalis tuber powder is taken following infusion with warm boiled-water, in order to facilitate the discharge of tapeworms out of the body.

In addition, pumpkin seed can also be used to treat diseases caused by roundworms and schistosomiasis.

Dosage and Administration: 60-120g. Pumpkin seed decoction is taken; or unhusked pumpkin seeds are ground into powder, mixed with water and taken.

Precautions: This drug should not be taken in pregnancy.

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