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Introduction To Ophiopogon Root (mai men dong)








Ophiopogon Root (mai men dong)

Radix Ophiopogonis


Properties: The herbs is sweet and slightly bitter in flavour, slightly cold in nature and acts on the heart, stomach and lung channels. Being sweet, cold and moist in nature for nourishing Yin to clear heat and promoting the generation of the body fluid to moisten dryness, the herb mainly clears heart from the lung and stomach, moistens dryness of the lung, nourishes stomach-yin, dispels heat from the heart and relieve vexation. It is indicated for dry cough due to impairment of Yin caused by dryness of the lung, for thirst due to consumption of the body fluid caused by febrile diseae, for excessive heat due to Yin deficiency, for vexation and restlessness, and for other syndromes.

Effects: Nourishing Yin, moistening the lung, tonifying the stomach, promoting the production of the body fluid, dispelling heat from the heart and relieving vexation.


1. To treat dry cough with little sputum due to impairment of the lung caused by dry heat, the herb is often used in combination with straight ladybell root, mulberry leaf, gypsum and other herbs for clearing heat from the lung to moisten dryness.

2. The herb is often used in combination with ginseng and achisandra fruit for invigorating Qi and nourishing Yin, such as Shengmai Powder, to treat vexation, thirst, perspiration and lassitude due to impairment of Qi and Yin caused by febrile disease; and with dried rehmannia root, straight ladybell root, fragrant solomonseal rhizome and other herbs nourishing Yin and promoting the generation of the body fluid, to treat dry mouth and thirst due to deficiency of the stomach-yin, or diabetes due to internal heat.

3. To treat vexation, dry mouth insomnia, dreaminess and red tongue with little fur due to Yin deficiency of the lung and kidney, the herb is often used in combination with dried rehmannia root, scrophularia root, Chinese angelica root, wild or spiny jujube seed and other herbs for nourishing Yin, moistening dryness, tonifying the heart and tranquilizing the mind.

Dosage and Administration: 10-20g.

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