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Introduction To Chicken's Gizzard-Skin (ji nei jin)  









Chicken's Gizzard-Skin (ji nei jin)  

Endothelium Corneum Gigeriae Galli


Properties: The drug is sweet in flavour, neutral in nature, and acts on the spleen, stomach and urinary bladder channels. It has the strongest effect of relieving stagnated food, and can strengthen the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the drug can be used to treat various kinds of food retention, spleen deficiency, anorexia and other syndromes. In addition, with its astringing effect it can also be used to treat spermatorrhea and frequent urination.

Effects: Relieving food retention, strengthening the stomach and spermatorrhea.


1. To treat indigestion caused by all kinds of stagnation of rice, flour and meat, or to treat weakness of the spleen and stomach and anorexia, it can be ground into powder and mixed with water for oral medication, or used in combination with other herbs for relieving food retention and increasing appetite.

2. The drug can be used in combination with dogwood fruit, lotus seed, dodder seed and other herbs for tonifying the kidney and controlling nocturnal spermatorrhea to treat spermatorrhea due to deficiency of the kidney; and with Chinese yam, lindera root, mantis egg-case and other herbs for nourishing the kidney and reducing reducing urination, to treat frequent urination due to deficiency of the kidney. 

In addition, it is often used in recent years in combination with lysimachia, climbing fern spore and other herbs for inducing diuresis and removing urinary calculus, to treat urinary calculi, and chole hihiasis.

Dosage and Administration: 3-10g. 1.5-3g each time for its powder with a better effect than its decoction. 



For the convenience of customers, we offer the Chicken's Gizzard-Skin (ji nei jin) as the quick-dissolving granule made through modern technology.




Every sachet is equivalent to raw herb 10 grams.


The dosage is for adults, one sachet each time, twice a day. Please put the granule into a cup, then put 50-100ml boiling water into the cup and stir it with spoon. You will get some tea, drink it when it is luke-warm. For children, the dosage should be reduced according to the weight.


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