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Agastache(huo xiang)

Herba Agastachis


Properties: Pungent in flavour, slightly warm in nature, it acts on the spleen, stomach and lung channels. The fragrant flavour can eliminate damp-ness, regulate the functions of stomach and spleen and arreste vomiting. The pungent flavour can diperse pathogens and relieve exterior syndrome and summer-heat. The herb is pungent without intenseness, and slightly warm without dryness. It is often used to eliminate pathogenic dampness and relieve exterior syndromes of dampness retention in the middle-jiao and affection by summer-dampness.

Effects: Eliminating dampness, arresting vomiting, reliving exterior syndrome and summer-heat.


1. For dampness retention in the middle-jiao, manifested as poor appetite, oppressive chest and greasy tongue coating, it is often used in combination with aromatic herbs for resolving dampness, such as eupatorium and atractylodes rhizome.

2. For the syndromes of the interior impairment by summer-heat or by cold, manifested as vomiting, diarrhes, aversion to cold, fever, it is often used in combination with the drugs for relieving exterior syndrome and eliminating dampness, such as perilla leaf and magnolia bark, known as Huoxiang Zhengqi San (Powder of Agastache for Restoring Health).

3.  For dampness retention in the middle-jiao, adverse flow of stomach-qi, it is used with eupatorium, magnolia bark. In case of vomiting due to damp-heat, it is used with the drugs for clearing away heat, dampness and arresting vomiting, such as coptis root, bamboo shavings, etc.

Dosage and Administration: 5-10g. Double the dose when use fresh herb. 

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