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Introduction To Torreya Seed (fei zi)









Torreya Seed (fei zi)  

semen Torreyae


Properties: The herb is sweet in flavour, neutral in nature, acts on the lung, stomach and large intestine channels. It has the effects of expelling and killing many kinds of intestinal parasites, and particularly better effect on hookworms. In addition, sweet, neutral and lubricating for dtonifying the lung to alleviate cough and moisturizing the large intestine, the herb can be used to treat dryness of the lung, dry cough, dryness of the intestine and constipation.

Effects: Killing parasites, resolving food retention, tonifying the lung and moisturizing the in testine.


1. To treat diseases caused by tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms and many other kinds of intestinal perasites, the herb is often used in combination with carpesium fruit, areca seed and basket fern for strengthening the effects of expelling and killing parasites, such as Feizi Shachong Pill.

2. The herb can be used in combination with wind-weed rhizome, straight ladybell root, ophiopogon root and other herbs for clearing the lung-heat, moisturizing the lung and relieving cough, to treat dryness of the lung and dry cough with less phlegm; and with bush-cherry seed, Chinese angelica root, trichosanthes fruit and other herbs for loosing the bowels and relieving constipation, to treat dryness of the intestine and constipation.

Dosage and Administration: 10-30g decocted for drinking or stir-baked well done for eating.

Precautions: The herb has a mild effect of expelling parasites, and arelatively good effect of treating ancylostomiasis.

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