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Earthworm (di long)



Properties: Salty in flavour and cold in nature, it acts on liver and lung channels. Being salty and cold for eliminating the heat from lung and liver to relieve cough and asthma it is used for relieving cough, asthma and high fever; and also for arthralgia, aphonia and hemiplegia.

Effects: Clearing away heat to arrest convulsion and relieve asthma and the obsruction in the channels.


1. For high fever, convulsion, it can be used with cow-bezoare (Calculus Bovis), uncaria stem with hooks (Ramulus Uncariae cum uncis), scorpion (Scorpio) and gypsum (Gypsum Fibrosum).

2. For asthma, congh due to lung-heat, it is used with ephedra (Herba Ephedrae), gypsum (Gypsum Fibrosum), apricot kernel (Semen Pruni armeniacae), root-bark of white mulberry (Cortex Mori radicis) and plantain seed (Semen plantaginis).

3. For arthritis of damp-heat type, it is often used together with root of large-leaf gentian (Radix Gentianae macrophyllae),branch of white mulberry (Cortex Mori radicis), honeysuckle stem (Caulis Lonicerae) and phellodendron bark (Cortex Phellodendri); for arthritis of wind-damp type, it is used with monkshood root (Radix Aconiti),Kusnezolff monkshood root (Radix Aconiti kusnezoffii), arisaema tuber (Rhizoma Arisaematis), as in Minor Bolus for activating Energy Flow in Channels; for apoplectic aphonia, heiplagia caused by deficiency of Qi and blood stasis, it is often used together with astra-galus root (Radix Astragali seu Hedysari),Chinese angelica root (Radix Angelicae sinensis), chuanxiong rhizome (Rhizoma ligustici chuanxiong), safflower (Flos Carthami), as in Decoction Invigorating Yang for Rceuperation. In can treat anuresis and painful micturition due to heat accumulation.

Dosage and Administration: 3-10g. 1-2g of its powder for swallow.




For the convenience of customers, we offer the Earthworm (di long) as the quick-dissolving granule made through modern technology.




Every sachet is equivalent to raw herb 10 grams.


The dosage is for adults, one sachet each time, twice a day. Please put the granule into a cup, then put 50-100ml boiling water into the cup and stir it with spoon. You will get some tea, drink it when it is luke-warm. For children, the dosage should be reduced according to the weight.


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