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 Introduction To Cicada Slough (chan yi)









Cicada Slough (chan yi)

Periostracum Cicadae


Properties: Cicada Slough is sweet in flavour, cold in nature and acts on the lung and liver channels. Light in quality for lifting and floating effects, it can disperse pathogenic wind-heat from the lung channel, promote eruption and relieve sore throat. It is an important drug to treat upward attack by wind-heat, sore throat and hoarseness. Sweet and cold in nature for clearing heat from the liver and dispelling pathogenic wind to relieve spasm, it can be used to treat infantile convulsion.

Effects: Dispersing wind-heat, promoting eruption, improving eyesight, dispelling wind and relieving spasm.


1.  Cicada Slough is often used in combination with peppermint, forsythia fruit and other herbs, to treat wind-heat affected by exopathogens or initial stage of epidemic febrile disease at Wei phase; with boat-fruited sterculia seed, such as Hai Chan Powder, to treat upward attack by wind-heat, sore throat, lingering cough and hoarseness; and with peppermint, ledebouriella root, schizonepeta, arnebia or lithosperm root and other herbs for dispersing wind, relieving itching, ventilating the lung and promoting eruption, to treat itching from Germen measles without smooth eruption.

2.  The herb can be used in combination with gastrodia tuber, scorpion and other drugs for dispelling wind and relieving spasm, to treat tetanus; and with cow-bezoare, arisaema with bile, tabasheer and other herbs for clearing heat from the liver and dispelling wind, to treat infantile high fever and convulsion.

In addition, the herb can also be used to treat conjunctival congestion and nebula.

Dosage and Administration: 3-10g. and 15-30g. for tetanus. 

Precaution: Pregnant women should be careful to use this drug.

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