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Introduction To Yam Rhizome (bi xie) 









Yam Rhizome (bi xie)

Rhizoma Dioscoreae


Properties: The herb is bitter in flavour, and neutral in nature. It acts on the liver, stomach and urinary bladder channels. Being bitter for lowering it acts on the lower-jiao, inducing diuresis to clear turbid urine. It is indicated for stranguria with turbid urine, leukorrhea and arthralgia syndrome due to wind-dampness caused by downward flow of pathogenic dampness.

Effects: Removing furbid dampness and expelling wind-dampness.


1. The herb can be used in combination with lindera root, grassleaved sweetflag rhizome and bitter cardamon for inducing diuresis and removing turbid urine, such as Bixie Fenqing Decoction, to treat milky and turbid or oily urine; and with Chinese yam rhizome, atractylodes rhizome, gordon euryale seed and other herbs for strengthening the spleen, removing dampness and relieving leukorrhea, to treat downward flow of pathogenic dampness and leukorrea.

2. To treat wind-damp arthralgia belonging to turbid arthralgia due to excessive dampness, the herb can be used in combination with tractylodes rhizome, coix seed, achyranthes and other herbs for eliminating dampness, treating arthralgia and pain.

Dosage and Administration: 10-15g.

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