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Speech Made by Wang Hui, Deputy Mayor of Huaihua City,

 on the Opening of the First Zhongfang International TCM



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Respected Director-general, Mr. Shao Xiangning and leaders from the provincial governmental departments, ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning!

First, I personally thank for Director-general Shao Xiangning and other leaders¨ coming. The opening of the First Zhongfang International TCM Forum held in Zhongfang County are joyous events in the history of TCM development in Zhongfang County and Huaihua City. Taking this opportunity, I, on behalf of the People¨s Government of Huaihua City and 5 million people of all nationalities in Huaihua sincerely express my warm welcome to you all, and congratulations to this grand meeting.

Promoting the development of medical treatment and public health is an important program in the process of implementing scientific development outlook, realizing harmonious economic and social development and building a harmonious socialist society. In the recent years, adapting to the requirement of market economy and increasing demand of health services of the people, the government of Zhongfang County has gained significant achievement in the career of medical treatment and public health through determined reform and vigorous innovation. Especially, with the approach of utilizing herbal medicines, acupuncture and massage, the TCM team in Zhongfang County has provided satisfactory TCM treatment and teaching for patients and TCM devotees from home and abroad. They have gained great reputation in the TCM field in Huaihua City and even brought some influence in the TCM field nationwide.

Today, the high attention that the County Party Committee and the People¨s Government of Zhongfang County pay to the development of medical treatment and public health, which will further promote the improvement of public health service system of Zhongfang County, drive the strategy of prospering the market and keeping pace with the development of Huaihua City. Meanwhile, this will promote the development of public health service and provide TCM treatment of higher quality. This will also promote TCM academic research and exchange and help to develop and expand TCM culture as well as to spread TCM science.

Therefore,I whole-heartedly wish that Zhongfang County government take this opportunity to vigorously carry forward TCM, to deeply promote health care reform and to improve the public health service system, so as to provide good health safety and security for the people. I also sincerely hope that Zhongfang Red Cross International hospital would persist in the character of pure TCM, energetically implement the strategy of famous doctors, famous departments and famous hospital, and make efforts to build the hospital into a TCM hospital that has distinct features of TCM, prominent advantage, proficient doctors, and standard management. Once again, I want to express my thanks to you all.

At last, sincerely wish Zhongfang Red Cross International hospital flourishing and prosperous day by day and wish a complete success for the first Zhongfang International TCM Forum. Thank you!



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