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Huaihua, a Promising City









Huaihua, a Promising City

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(Translated by the Foreign Publicity Office of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital)

Someone once told me the city of Huaihua is a green paradise, with the smell of green pervading everywhere. You would get moved only by making an easy breath there. They are describing a desirable paradise for me. Looking for the sweet fragrance along the way, I step into this mystical land of the western Hunan province, Huaihua, with light steps.

No wonder people say this is one of the places with the highest green coverage rate. It seems that nature had given all preferences to her. The running Yuan River, a bright and long green belt, presents the beauty of the romantic charms and intelligence of nature. With each breath here, I can feel the purity and serenity of her. I cannot help wondering whether they are real mountains and waters, or just a peaceful and secluded place in an artificial picture. The pure and clean breath erases all the noises in my mind. At this very moment, I just want to remove my earthly clothes and put my heart and soul in a certain place among the green mountains and rivers. 

Get back to the purity, the simplicity and the nature. (The Wind-Rain Bridge of Dong Minority)

At all times, there appear dribs and drabs of the beauty of original cultures here. The music of the Lusheng (a reed-pipe wind instrument) is beautiful, loud and clear. Here, you could not find the ostentation, or the hustle and bustle of the world, let alone the hypocrisy. People here in all sincerity warmly open their hearts to all outsiders. I am enchanted by the original flavor of local folklore. I dreamed a sweat dream that I became a villager of Dong minority and took a breath of the sweet flavor of Dong songs. This enchanting smell brings me back to the green paradise. Whether the landscape facilitates the emergence of humanism, or the original humanism retains the beauty of this mystical landscape, remains a mystery. Your mind will be purified by this beautiful scenery, which I think, only such a beautiful landscape can best express the meaning of ^a place propitious for giving birth to great men ̄.

 (Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City) The procession of time seems never to change the local customs here. (Centenarians) Time, sealed up for hundreds of years, always keeps that classical beauty alive. Take a look at that cooking smoke curling around the Dong villages; listen to in your mind to the wonders of patting clothing and husking rice, as well as walking along the lane roads under the green tiles and high walls. (Longxing Lecture Temple in Yuanling city, built during the second year of the period of Emperor Taizong of Tang dynasty in the year of 628, 348 years earlier than Yuelu Academy in Changsha, the provincial capital of the Hunan province) If life is just like the beginning of first sight, I would believe that here is a dream of my previous life, summoning me up to search along the road, and meeting unexpectedly this mystical paradise, a predestined arrangement in my fate. Here is a harmonious paradise on earth. Outsiders, like me, often admire and look forward to the pure and plain life here.

This is the Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital, located at the ecological city of Zhongfang county, City of Huaihua, Hunan province, China. As a burgeoning international hospital concerning foreign nationals with TCM and the first international project in Zhongfang County, it has been given great supports from the Red Cross of Hunan province and the county Party committee and government of Zhongfang County. Since the end of 2004, this team group has provided good treatment services for more than one thousand foreigners with different kinds of chronic and problematic diseases from over 100 countries, such as the United State, England, Canada, Australia, Germany etc. At the same time, they also provide TCM trainings for international friends with pure English teaching style, gained good reputation from international TCM students and doctors of western medicine and TCM. Their goals are with their endless efforts to become an International TCM Valley and an International TCM Aid Center of Red Cross in China in the coming ten years.

Today¨s Huaihua still sticks to the ecological idea and abides by the ecological pulse of low consumption of raw material, low emission, high efficiency as well as high output. The economic structure, characterized as ecological environment, eco-industry, eco-culture, eco-tourism and ecological residential, is going from strength to strength. The combination of tradition and modernism seems not to wash away the original ecological property of this city; on the contrary, it adds a more harmonious rhythm to this city. Local residents proudly tell me, as the birth-land of hybrid rice, they have created remarkable achievements. All this provides a new vitality and sustainable development for the harmonious city of Huaihua, known as the bridgehead of southwest of China, who is making her every effort to form a center of commerce and logistics and to build an ecologically livable city.

A friend of mine, who is doing business here, told me with great pride, that as the west gate of China, adjacent to the five provinces of Sichuan, Guizhou, Chongqing, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Yunan, developed traffic network will make the future of Huaihua City not only as an ecologically livable city but also as a modernized center of commerce and logistics. Where there is imagination, there is possibility. Right! The aesthetics of ecology and the philosophy of development harmoniously integrate as one here, which is the proudest achievement of this city. Stacks of buildings pull my mind back to the reality that this is a modernized city, while the varieties of green make me feel I was born in an ecological garden. Walking on the city's streets, what comes to me is the natural scenery preferred by modern people and a harmonious pictures scroll, integrating simplicity and elegance. The smiling faces of people here undoubtedly tell me that this city is full of happiness. At this very moment, I think, just like them, I have every reason to believe that living in such an ecologically livable green city, happiness is the common language for all people here. Wandering around this modern city while breathing the fresh air, I feel I have become a part of the city.

Unwittingly, this city fulfills all my dreams. These dreams, pulling my footsteps, let me make up my mind to stay here with all my dreams. My heart will beat and I will take my breath together with this city every day. Let me breathe here for the touching of green and brilliant future. (Huaihua!) (Huaihua, I love you!) Huaihua, a promising city! Huaihua, Hunan province!


General Advisor: Li Yilong  Yi Pengfei

General Supervisor: Xiong Chunju   Shi Xixin

General Producer: Ning Zhiwen

Producer: Zhou Chongyan    Zhai Yucheng    Wang Mingliang    Luo Yan

Executive Advisor: Liu Xuming

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Creativity: Hu Xiaohu   Wang Baogang   Xia Chao

Director: Yang Jiancheng 

Film Producer: Xiang Zheng   Hu Xiaohu

Photography: He Botao    Liu Chunlei

Lighting Engineer: Wang Wenyu    Zeng Fanliang

Props: Cheng Xiabin    Lu Chao

Dresser: Wang Xuesong

Editor: Du Ning    Chen Xu

Actor: Long Huaizhong   Wu Yangniao

Translated by the Foreign Publicity Office of Zhongfang Red Cross Hospital, Huaihua city, Hunan, P.R. China

Co-produced by the Publicity Department of Huaihua Municipal Party Committee of the CPC, the Public Information Office of the People¨s Government of Huaihua and CTV Golden Bridge International Media Co. , LTD



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