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Medical Report and Video Interviews about the Treatment of ALS by Chinese Medicine in Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital from Dr. Zhu Ming

(Updated on June 22, 2011)


From January 2009 to May 2011, among 121 international ALS patients, 82 patients had very obvious improvement, 25 patients had some improvement, and only 14 patients had no improvement.

For example, Cidalia, a 61-year-old lady from Portugal who was diagnosed with ALS in October 2006, came to our hospital on March 2, 2007. She had more than 50 days of comprehensive treatment here. When she arrived, her grasping power of the left hand was 2.9 kilograms. She could not raise her left arm. She could only walk 500 meters with crippling gait of the left leg, some problems with swallowing and speaking ability. After more than 50 days treatment, her grasping power of the left hand increased to 11.6 kilograms. She could raise her left arm. She could walk 5 kilometers. The walking gait became almost normal and the crippling disappeared. The difficulty in swallowing and speaking is gone. This is an email from the daughter of  Cidalia and the video interview (1) with her daughter CiCi, please check here.

Felix, a 27-year-old male whose nationality is America, suffers from ALS. When he just came to hospital on October 14, 2007, the muscles of the whole body were stiff. Weakness of four limbs lasted for two years, especially the left lower limb. It was difficult for him to speak. After receiving TCM treatment for more than two months, the hands and feet are more flexible. Four limbs have more power, so they work better than before. He can do the action of crouching now. His speech is clearer than before. This is the video interview, please check here. 

Peter, from Holland, suffering from ALS, stayed in our hospital for five months till April, 2008. His voice and swallowing ability are improved a lot. The ability of the legs and arms is stabilized. He was quite satisfied with our treatment result. This is the video interview, please check here.

David from USA, suffering from ALS and asthma, got satisfactory treatment result in our hospital. After 70 days pure TCM treatment, he gained 4 kilos. The legs are stronger. The speaking and swallowing ability are improved a lot. He successfully stopped the medication for his asthma. He left the hospital on 18 March 2011. Please check the video on youtube or check the video on youku 

Professor Manana from Georgia, who suffered from ALS, got obvious improvement after 86 days TCM treatment here. She could masticate again, could eat again, could speak again, and gained 4 to 5 kilos of weight. She left our hospital on 21 Apirl, 2011. Please check the video on youtube or check the video on youku

Based upon our experience, we have some ideas to share with you regarding the treatment of ALS.

A. For the treatment of ALS, the earlier the treatment is done, the better the treatment result will be. That means we could offer good treatment result for the early and middle stage ALS patients, while for the late stage ALS patients, the treatment result is always not good.

B. The TCM historical records and our treatment experience confirm our ideas that the normal full treatment course for ALS should be 6 months to 12 months, since in many ancient TCM books, there are quite a lot ALS-similar case reports with full recovery after six months to twelve months treatment. The full treatment period will guarantee a much better even full recovery.

C. For the better recovery, we recommend you stay at our hospital for at least two to three months after the evaluation of our expert team about your case before your coming, while three to six months is a better choice if your financial ability and time schedule allow, (even though there were some patients who stayed here for only one month or so, after they got some improvement and then took home a few months of herbal tea to continue the treatment because of finance or time schedule limitation.)

D. The most encouraging fact is that we are seeing most ALS patients made fast and unexpected improvement here. Therefore, here we are very serious to advice that for the early and middle stage ALS patients, please come to our hospital right now, we will give you a very satisfactory treatment result here.

E. Another point of notice of coming here for hospitalization is the visa issue. Commonly, before you come, we will email you a scanned invitation letter so you can try to get a three month or six month visa. Please apply for an L type visa; this is the only type of visa that we can help you extend. If you get only a one month visa, or F type visa, or multiple entrance one month visa, all these kinds of visas will not guarantee visa extension here, so there will be many problems for your treatment. Therefore, we strongly suggest you get a three months or six months L type visa in the Chinese embassy from your country before you come.

Generally speaking, to tackle such a difficult health problem in the world, joint efforts between you and our faithful working staff are needed. It is our special honor that we are pushed forward to become the most reliable and confident medical team to fight against ALS in the current world for the early and middle stage ALS patients. We are proud of great TCM from the bottom of our hearts when we see patients recovered day by day! It is our responsibility to do a better job for the health recovery of ALS patients throughout the world.

An important good news is that in May 2011, our county government made the decision to cooperate financially with our hospital to build better facility and environment so that all of our international patients could have nicer recovery.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ALS report and thanks for your trust and cooperation.

Best wishes!

Dr. Zhu Ming

President of Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital

Zhongfang County, Huaihua City, Hunan Province, China

Updated on June 22, 2011.


From: Rhoda Sarah Mckinniey 1173 Corydon Avenue, Winnipeg; Manitoba; Canada, R3MOX5.

September 1, 2009

My doctor¨s hands are the eyes of God.

My daughter Sarah and I ran away from Canada.

I knew I had ALS.

The only treatment I was offered was with the highly toxic Lithium, I thought the best thing I could was leave insurance $ to them. I had no hope, no spirit, and no smile. My daughters were desperate. I had given up.

I was angry when I arrived. I wanted to leave the next day - I wanted to die in peace. But miracles can happen overnight. Dr. Ming talked to me about the value of my life, the professor told me to smile! My doctor eased my tortured body, and the herbalist made my medicine. After one treatment I could smile! My mouth had been frozen for four months, and instead of crying all the time, I started to laugh.

How wonderful it feels to feel my mouth turn up and my belly jiggle.

HuaiHua is an oasis of hope and love, a little island of joy where: we few, we happy few, we band of seekers are on a pilgrimage of hope. The mythic country of China has delighted and surprised us. The indomitable spirit of the beautiful people of China has welcomed us with open arms.

Their dignity, their beautiful country, their smiling and cherished children are medicines for the spirit.

Thank you Dr. Ming for your vision. Thank you to your entire delightful crew. It has been an honor to be here.

By saving T. C. M. you are keeping one of our planet¨s treasuries alive.

Check the original handwriting here


My name is Manana. I am from Georgia. I have diagnosed with ALS in June 2009. I had weakness in my neck (mainly flexor muscles); dumbness in my nose and upper lip, with difficulty to pronounce certain sounds. Since August 2010 new problems occurred: weakness in my lower jaw (I had to support it by my hand), chewing problems, not clear speech. Since October added: loosing of weight, weakness in whole body, bad appetite, low energy, some cramps in my right hand.

In 5 weeks since coming to the Zhongfang Red Cross International Hospital and beginning TCM treatmnt my condition improved:

I can walk and speak without supporting my jaw;

Dumbness of face reduced almost on 75%;

I began to rise up my lower jaw and touch upper without any help;

I have no more cramps in my hand;

I have good appetite and put up 2.5 kilo;

I feel much better and my sleep improves.

I hope that my other problems also will be solved or reduced by TCM treatment.


Letters to Friends, To Dr. Ming; Personal Observations and Comments From an American Point of View


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