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Radix Isatidis Extract




Product Introduction

The root of Paeonia lactiflora, the root of peony P.suffrsticosa Andr, and the root of purple peony P.delarayi Franch, were higher in Paeonia lactiflora pall.


Item: Red Peony Extract
Latin name: Isatis tinctoria L.
Main effective component: glucoside,Isatin,Indigo,Isatan B,Uridine,Uracil,Hypoxanthine,Salicylic acid,Qingdainone etc.
Part of plant used: dry root of Isatis tinctoria L.
Product specification: 5:1,10:1
Detection method: TLC


1. Clearing heat and detoxicating,cooling blood and despeckle,relieving sore throat.
2. With inhibition for a variety of Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria and influenza virus, worm virus, parotid virus
3. Can enhance immune function; a significant antipyretic effect. This product contains indirubin has a significant anti-leukemia effect; with antioxidant effect. Modern pharmacology shows that: Banlangen extract with sterilization, anti-virus, anti-endotoxin, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect, can promote immune function. Clinically used mainly for Japanese encephalitis, mumps, upper respiratory tract infection, acute jaundice hepatitis, measles and pneumonia and other diseases.

Packing and shipping

Packing : 1 kg / bag; 10kg/ case; 25 kg / barrel, also packing according to customer's requirement
Shipping : DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS
Preservation method: dry, cool place, avoid light sealed storage
Shelf life: 2 years


1. Cost advantages: batch procurement of raw materials, advanced technology, good production management
2. Quality advantages: strict quality of raw materials, and improve the QC&QA, batch stability control
3. R & D strengths: depth and Hunan Institute of traditional Chinese medicine and Hunan University of Chinese Medicine R & D cooperation
4. Customer service advantages: there are a group of professional quality and experience of business personnel