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Chinese Wolfberry Healthy Dietary Formula Powder




Product Information

Product Name: Chinese wolfberry Healthy Dietary Formula Powder
Material: Chinese wolfberry powder, maltodextrin.
Specifications: 4g/bag (10g Chinese wolfberrys powder in each bag)
Manufacturer: Hunan Greenland Plant Resources Development Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 1, Shigang Road, Tongguan Town, Wangcheng District, Changsha City, Hunan Province, China.
Contact Information: +86-0731-88909518
Production date: See packing code
Warranty period: 24 months
Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place
Executive standard: GB/B 29602
Production license number: SC 10643011200277
Edible method: Each time a bag, add appropriate amount of boiling water to drink.


Chinese wolfberry nourishing the liver and kidney, eplenishing vital essence to improve eyesight. It is used for the deficiency of sperm, pain of the waist and knees, vertigo and tinnitus, internal heat thirst, blood deficiency and eyes dim.Chinese wolfberry extract has immunomodulatory effects. ; it can improve the level of blood testosterone, promote the function of hematopoiesis, and also increase white cells for normal healthy people significantly. It also has the functions of anti-aging, anti mutation, anti tumor, lowering blood fat, protecting liver and anti fatty liver, lowering blood sugar and lowering blood pressure.
Excerpted from "Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China" ,
"Traditional Chinese medicine Dictionary"


1. Raw material production traceability, the use of modern technology, expert identification.
2. Using modern production equipment and technology to boil, concentrate and granulate, maintain the original flavor, convenient for consumption, storage and reprocessing.