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Chamomile Extract




Product Introduction

Chamomile extract, apigenin, belongs to flavonoids, almost insoluble in water, partially soluble in alcohol, soluble in dilute KOH solution. Celery, in the form of plant pigments, is found in many plants and is found in chamomile, bee flowers, Perilla frutescens, Verbena, and Western herbs. Chamomile is a composite plant native to europe. Chamomile, Rome chamomile and German Chamomile have many common characteristics: about 30 cm tall, center yellow, petals white, slightly hairy leaves.


English Name: Chamomile Extract 
Latin Name: Matricaria recutita L.
Part of the Plant Used: Herb
Active Ingredient: Apigenin
Product specification: Apigenin 5%, Ratio extract 10:1,20:1
Detection Method: HPLC
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Appearance: Fine brown powder


1. Soothes and relaxes at bedtime.
2. Relieves restlessness, teething problems, and colic in children.
3. Relieves allergies, much as an antihistamine would.
4. Aids digestion when taken as a tea after meals.
5. Relieves morning sickness during pregnancy.
6. Speeds healing of skin ulcers, wounds, or burns.
7. Treats gastritis and ulcerative colitis.

Packing and shipping

Packing : 1 kg / bag; 10kg/ case; 25 kg / barrel, also packing according to customer's requirement
Shipping : DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS
Preservation method: dry, cool place, avoid light sealed storage
Shelf life: 2 years


1. Cost advantages: batch procurement of raw materials, advanced technology, good production management
2. Quality advantages: strict quality of raw materials, and improve the QC&QA, batch stability control
3. R & D strengths: depth and Hunan Institute of traditional Chinese medicine and Hunan University of Chinese Medicine R & D cooperation
4. Customer service advantages: there are a group of professional quality and experience of business personnel