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Bitter Melon Extract




Product Introduction

Bitter Melon extract  has a good hypoglycemic effect, known as plant insulin. The composition of the extract, for type two diabetes every day take three times, each time 2G, can make the blood glucose to maintain the normal level, because it is the bitter melon extract plant extracts, so the comparison and hypoglycemic drugs, non-toxic side effects.


Product Name: Bitter Melon Extract 
Other Name: Bitter Gourd, Balsam Pear, Ku Gua, Foo Gwah
Latin Name: Memordica charantia L.
Part of used: Peel, root, seed
Appearance: yellow brown fine powder
Specifications: Charantin 10%


1.Bitter melon is used for various stomach and intestinal disorders including gastrointestinal  (GI) upset, ulcers, colitis, constipation, 
and intestinal worms.
2.It is also used for diabetes, kidney stones, fever, a skin condition called psoriasis, and liver disease;
3. To start menstruation; and as supportive treatment for people with AIDS/HIV.

Packing and shipping

Packing : 1 kg / bag; 10kg/ case; 25 kg / barrel, also packing according to customer's requirement
Shipping : DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS
Preservation method: dry, cool place, avoid light sealed storage
Shelf life: 2 years


1. Cost advantages: batch procurement of raw materials, advanced technology, good production management
2. Quality advantages: strict quality of raw materials, and improve the QC&QA, batch stability control
3. R & D strengths: depth and Hunan Institute of traditional Chinese medicine and Hunan University of Chinese Medicine R & D cooperation
4. Customer service advantages: there are a group of professional quality and experience of business personnel