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1. The following books are published by Publishing House of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   

copies   A01  Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion  US$40.00

copies   A02  Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$29.50

copies   A03  Internal Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$29.00

copies   A04  Chinese Massage Therapy (Tuian)  US$35.50

copies   A05  Gynecology of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$20.00

copies   A06  Ophthalmology and Pediatrics of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$23.00

copies   A07  Otorhinolaryngology of  Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$19.00

copies   A08  External Medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$23.00

copies   A09  Science of Herbal Formulas  US$24.00

copies   A10 Chinese Materia Medica  US$32.00

copies   A11  Orthopedics and Traumatology of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$37.00

copies   A12   Health Preservation and Rehabilitation of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$25.00

copies   A13   Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$30.00

copies    A17 Typical TCM Therapy for Viral Hepatitis   $13.50      

copies    A18 Typical TCM Therapy for Primary Hypertension  $13.80

copies    A19  Typical TCM Therapy for Bronchial Asthma  $13.00

copies     A20   Typical TCM Therapy for Lung Cancer  $ 13.00 

copies     A21   Typical TCM Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus  $ 14.00

copies     A22   Typical TCM Therapy for Cervial Spondylosis   $13.60

copies     A23    Diagram of Acupoints Location (Chinese-English)  $13.00

copies     A24 English-Chinese Applied Anatomical Atlas of Acupoints  $45.00

copies     A25 Typical TCM Therapy for Primary Glomerulonephritis  $14.00 

copies    A26 Typical TCM Therapy for Rheumatoid Atrthritis  $14.50

copies     A27 Typical TCM Therapy for Cholelithiasis  $12.00

copies     A28 Typical TCM Therapy for Chronic Gastritis  $15.00

copies   B01  The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di Nei Jing) (Zhu Ming)  US$45.00 

copies   B02  Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Cheng Xinnong  1987)  US$46.00 

copies   B04  Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine (Xie Zhufan)  US$45.50

copies   B05  Fracture Manipulation Treatment Illustrated (Yuan Fang; Li Zhaoguo)  US$43.00

copies   B07  The Atlas of Layered Anatomy of Acupoints (Gao Hualing)  US$44.60

copies   B10  Chinese Acupressure Therapy (Wang Zhaopu)  US$26.00 

copies   B13  Scalp Acupuncture and Clinical Cases (Jiao Shunfa)  US$23.00

copies   B14  Taiji Quan 48 Forms (Chinese Wushu Association)  US$14.00 

copies   B18  Hand Therapy: Traditional Chinese Remedies (Wang Sheng; Wang Weidong)  US$18.00 

copies   B19  Basics of Long-Style Boxing (Cheng Huikun)  US$15.00 

copies   B20  Advanced Routines of Long-Style Boxing (Cheng Huikun)  US$12.50 

copies   B21  Curing Diseases the Chinese Way (Wang Fuchun, Duan Yuhua)  US$15.94

copies   B24  Essentials of Traditional Chinese Pediatrics  US$9.20 

copies   B25  Traditional Chinese Hand and Foot Massage  US$19.00

copies   B28  Chinese Qigong Acupressure Therapy  US$18.50

copies   B29  Inspection of Face and Body for Diagnosis of Diseases  US$16.80

copies   B30  Self-Therapies for Common Diseases  US$16.50 

copies   B31  Handbook to Chinese Auricular Therapy  US$14.60 

copies   B32  Diseases Treated with Melons  Fruits and Vegetables  US$15.00

copies   B33  Clinical Wonders of Acupuncture-Moxibustion  US$25.00 

copies   B34  A Family Massage Manual  US$11.50 

copies   B36  China's Traditional Way of Health Preservation  US$23.00

copies   B38  Foot Therapy for Common  Diseases  US$13.50 

copies   B39  Tests Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion  US$29.00

copies   B40  Chinese Family Acupoint Massage  US$25.00

copies   B42  Infantile Tuina Therapy  US$11.00

copies   B44  Essentials of Chinese Wushu  US$11.00 

copies   B45  A Guide to Chinese Martial Arts  US$10.80

copies   B46  The Essentials of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine  US$42.30

copies   B47  Hand Acupuncture Therapy  US$14.00

copies   B48  On the Standard Nomenclature of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$29.50

copies   B49  Self-Massage Along Meridians And Acupoints  US$21.00

copies   B50  The Essentials Of Chinese Massotherapy  US$43.00

copies   B52    Compendium of Materia Medica (ben cao gang mu)   $980.00


The following books are produced by Academy Press  Beijing. 

copies   D01  Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine  US$24.50 

copies   D03  The Chinese Materia Medica  US$29.00


Other Books

copies   E11   Chinese-English Illustration of Composed Acupoints in Acupuncture-Moxibustion Use  $35.00 


TCM disks:

copies   K04   The Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Medicines  US$32.00

copies   K05   Science of Meridians And Acupoints  US$32.00

copies   K06   Quick Acupoints Selection and Single Point Treatment  US$32.00

copies   K08: Learning Massage $29.00   

copies   K09: Experimental Acupuncture and Moxibustion  $26.00 

copies   K10: Concise Acupuncture and  Moxibustion Treatment (I)  $32.00 

copies   K11: Concise Acupuncture and  Moxibustion Treatment (II)  $32.00 

copies   K12: Head-Acupuncture  $26.00 

copies   K13: Selection of  Acupoints of  the  Ear  $26.00  

copies   K15: Practical Manipulation for Tuina  $26.00


English TCM books published by Beijing New World Press.

copies   J03  Basic Theories and Principles  US$14.00 

copies   J04  Medicinal Herbs  US$16.80 

copies   J05  China's New Achievements in Orthopedic Surgery  US$18.50 

copies   J07  Clinical Experiences  US$19.00 

copies   J08  Chinese Yuanbao Qigong  US$18.00 

copies   J09  Chinese Qigong Illustrated  US$16.40 

copies   J10  La Melodie Interne De La Vie La pratique chinoise du qigong Yu Gongbao  US$17.00

copies   J13  Herbal Formulas  US$14.00


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